Space Consultants




SPACE CONSULTANTS is led by one of the most important architects in the region along the last four decades, Prof. Dr. Medhat Dorra which has always amazed his teachers and colleagues with his astonishing creativity since he was a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania, USA while inspired a thousands of young architects as a teacher on architecture philosophy and head of architecture Dept. at the college of Engineering, Cairo University in Egypt and many venues around the globe.




SPACE CONSULTANTS has gained a strong reputation across north Africa and the Middle east for its innovative solutions and high quality management as for following the international management standards, SPACE CONSULTANTS has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate for its achievements.




AT SPACE CONSULTANTS we are highly attentive to training young talented architects in the use and development of competitive methods and solutions for existing and new buildings that will contribute to lowering GHG emissions related to the production, use, management, and demolition of architecture in a life-cycle perspective. That experience encompasses residential, commercial and public architecture as well as its effect on the urban and rural built environment.